Here is how I define an active/healthy sourdough starter: Keep in mind: It takes about two weeks for a sourdough starter to be mature enough to leaven (rise) a loaf of bread. So, I peeled off the top “cooked” part and made pizza dough with the over-proofed rest of it. In general, you want your starter to have been fed 8-12 hours before using it in a bread recipe. Hi Pam, I think the experts recommend removing the starter from the fridge, discarding all but 1/2 c., feeding it, and then waiting until it’s nice and bubbly before baking. Learn how your comment data is processed. <3 Maybe I will just have to order one of your cook books soon. I followed all of the instructions and it looked beautiful after it was done baking but the bread came out hard as a brick! Design by Purr | Support by Foodie Digital. A few thoughts: first of all, it’s great that you have no trouble getting a starter going. I’ve made 5 or 6 loafs since then and they are all perfect. If you know a sourdough baker, he or she most likely will share. What am I doing wrong? I’m looking for a consistent bread flour- do you have any recommendations? Do you think I could double this to make a larger loaf? Tried twice now and both times my loaf comes out flat and wide. I get it, I love the tangy taste of a super sour sourdough. Your weights also suggest a 50% hydration, which also seems low. I have 1 question. And if you’re going to be handling a screaming hot cast iron vessel, you’re going to need a good pair of oven mitts. Long story short…I wanted to try my hand a sourdough bread. Especially appreciate the video so I could see how you shape the dough. I am sure I am just looking right at it, but I need to be able to print it. I have a huge bag of bread flour I want to use up, Could I use bread flour for this recipe or is it best to stick with all-purpose flour? I make my sourdough bread twice a week now since finding your recipe and method. I do have a fancy stainless steel one I purchased from Pampered Chef years ago but we have laminate counters and I’m afraid the corner of the scraper will scratch the clear coat on top of our counters. Nice dog…thank you…. I also think that a Dutch oven does the very best job of baking sourdough loaves and producing and mimics the environment of a brick oven by steaming the dough as it bakes. What is an ideal weight/size for a boule so that it is big enough to have a nice oven spring that rises upwards, rather than just rising outward to fill the vessel? Tip the loaf out of the proofing basket onto a sheet of parchment. It can do many other tasks besides these. That should be *around* 60g sourdough starter, 260-300g water, and 550-600g flour. I don’t do any fancy scoring, but it doesn’t matter. My dough was very sticky–not at all like regular bread dough–but I had measured all ingredients very carefully, so I proceeded with the recipe. It turned out great! Please read my disclosure policy. I’ve tried this a few times, the dough seems too wet, won’t hold into a ball. Thank you! Hi I enjoy the comments. If you’re in doubt if it’s cooked enough and you have a kitchen thermometer, the internal temperature of the bread when it’s done cooking should be anywhere between 185-200 degrees F. Wonderful. Thank you! I love this recipe and have found so much success with it! GST Add to cart Thank you! For... More. So glad this recipe encouraged you to go for it and make your own sourdough bread. Or does it need to be enamel? Oh no! Hope that helps! Your email address will not be published. I struggled to get my bread out of the basket and it deflated the first time. It turned out awesome! I noticed you put yours in cold. Oooo quick edit on my comment…being a newbie I didn’t really get why you shouldn’t do the last rise right in the dutch oven, but now I see why haha! My first attempt ended up in a gooey mess and had to toss it. Love the recipe! If I leave it covered it is much more pliable. Bench Knife. You can also store your bread in a beeswax bread wrap. I would love to use your links to support you, thank you for all the help over the years. Is there much to mess up a starter? 1) My dough never gets to a point where I am able to handle it, and form it into a bar. That’ll work in a pinch. Since it rises overnight (and has the potentially to rise considerably depending on how active your starter is), you’ll want to use a bowl that’s tall enough to avoid overflowing and the subsequent mess. I’m very glad I found your posts. 5) The timing that worked for me was: took starter from fridge morning of day 1, in the evening mixed dough, did 1/2 hour rest and fold, then put it -tightly covered – in fridge overnight. These flour-sack towels are amazing. They taste good though. Wish I could show you a photo. Thank you for these instructions! Dough, even very high-hydration dough, releases without any sticking. 1) I love the clear directions and it was so easy! It just clicked. You do NOT need a bakery full of fancy equipment to make sourdough bread, however, there are a few tools that will make the process easier: A large bowl. This 4-qt Cambro (**this one is BPA-free! Otherwise this is delicious and simple. My dough rose considerably over night but is still way too sticky and loose to try to shape. Haha that sounds like a lot when I write it, but it really wasn’t. Is there any adjustments that need to be made when using whole wheat? SO glad you liked the recipe, and thanks for the heads up about the extra flour you needed! So, I needed something of similar size that wouldn’t burn. Can you help me troubleshoot my bread. For the second rise I used Saran Wrap and that was much better – no crust. I know many people that use ceramic baking dishes for sourdough. Hi – love your attitude, it gives me confidence. Thanks so much for writing, and way to stick with it despite the stickiness. I get beautiful starter in 10 to 12 days start with 1/2 cup Rye 1/2 cup whole Wheat 1/2 cup home distilled water. I personally didn’t use parchment for years when I started out with sourdough baking! I do use the 5 qt exclusively for bread baking. Is it normal that when I let my dough rise overnight it formed a crust on the top that was hard? Mine is 6 inches wide, and I think that is sufficient. So nice to hear all of this! I’ll try again, but for today I am making your regular bread since I offered chili and bread to my sister in law, just wont be sourdough. 4.Thick cloth liner, can better absorb the moisture on the surface of the sourdough, forming a crispy crust. Before I discovered the flour sack towels, I used the rice flour to help prevent sticking with my tea towels, so you may find it helpful for that purpose as well. My second attempt I added an additional 3/4c of flour… Perfect! Weekend baking: Tartine’s buttermilk scones, ora, On old favorite: one-bowl, orange-ricotta pound ca, If you’ve made your way through your stash of ho, There are few things a spicy, garlicky, crispy cap, If you are under the impression you have to spend. Just wondered what your thoughts are on using a banneton or brotform basket for proofing? It works great for me, I’ve done this several times. Thanks. I tried taking the temp of the oven after I found it like that and it read about 77 degrees. Our house gets a little cool overnight so decided the oven light method was the way to go…or not, got up and my oven had gotten so warm that it cooked the top layer. GST Read more; Digital Waterproof Thermometer $ 25.00 incl. (And if you have my Heritage Cooking Crash Course, it will likely look familiar, as it’s the same recipe that is included in there.). Is the underside of your dough (the dough that is touching the bowl) still wet and sticky? It is lovely every time and I can barely keep it from being consumed before I can let it cool. For ease in transferring dough from counter to Dutch oven, I rely on parchment paper. It only raised for 3 hours the first time (not the 4-18 hours in the recipe). Second: Are you using a scale to measure the flour/water/salt/starter etc? I love the timeline – feed the starter in the AM of day 1, start the bread PM of day 1, finish the bread AM-noon on day 2, just in time to have with lunch! Do you think a regular cast iron dutch oven? (And contrary to popular belief, sourdough doesn’t have to be extremely sour tasting– you can absolutely adjust the tang in your DIY loaves. Hi there, I have a relatively new starter, and my bread came out with giant wholes in the top and not much rise on the bottom. I don’t have any in my house right now! You also don’t really knead sourdough– instead you’ll bring it together with a spoon until it’s mostly combined and then ignore it. It’s amazing. Don’t worry– it happens to the best of us. I had to cut off (and eat – such a task!) Very challenging exercise. I love these vintage bread boxes, and this one’s pretty cool because it has a cutting board on top! (photo 7) Chill the dough for at least 2 hours or up to 4 days.. How to roll pie crust dough. The reason your bread must cool completely is because it is still baking and developing the texture as it cools. I’m afraid I won’t be gentle enough and I’ll deflate the dough! I also use it to shape smaller balls, like when I’m dividing and rounding up pizza dough portions, and I think if my bench scraper were larger, this would be trickier. I’ve been feeding my sourdough starter in the morning and so it won’t be active at 7 pm. 99 First time I made it I needed to add more flour. Or do you think the starter causes this to happen? Great question! I don’t think I would recommend going smaller. In case you’re a visual learner like I am, here is the entire step-by-step process caught on video. Make sure you get every last drop of dough out of your mixing … I store it at room temperature in a basic Ziploc bag, but you can get special bread bags or bread boxes, too. Mine got a crust from being covered well with a tea towel. (Ultimately, I wound up adding an extra 1/2 c. flour – my starter looks somewhat more liquid-y than yours – but truly all the loaves I’ve made under your guidance here have been so good. As I said before, I’m a total newbie, but this is what I did and I got a big, beautiful delicious loaf…THANK YOU for this recipe and easy to follow directions! If you’re new to baking, start with the tools listed below in Sourdough Starter Creation & Management and The Beginning Baker.Once you become more serious about baking, head down to the Increase Baking Consistency section to build out your toolset. Either scroll down to the bottom of the post, or at the top of the post click the “jump to recipe” button, and there will be an option to print the recipe. Our ranch is in the South San Juan Mountains at 8600 feet. I do not see that in the recipe. Hi Mary! Whole wheat does soak up more moisture over time, so keep that in mind. Looks like fuzzy sort of bubbly stuff on top, with a strong yeasty smell! Also, your starter will probably need a bit to adjust to drastic changes in flour. I’ve just made my second sourdough loaf following this recipe and instructions and whoopee!!! Thanks to your posts, I have had the courage to go for it and my family is loving the results. 4. Also I noticed you don’t make mention of running a knife through the top before baking, I did do this as my friend said she always did. Stir in the flour, and then add the salt. Do you have any idea what may have caused this? You can use that with a sheet pan placed on top. So happy you are doing a sourdough series! Dough Scraper - Thermo Hauser Plastic $4.50 by REGISTERED POST $5. So nice to hear this, Rebecca … thank you ☺️. Your Prairie Homestead Cookbook is wonderful. The loaf was light and rose really high. Was your dough covered well? This full 5-item bread-making kit includes: 9-inch Round Banneton Proofing Basket Cotton Banneton Basket Liner Plastic Dough Scraper Bread Lame Slashing Tool AND 4 Replaceable Blades Wooden Danish Dough Whisk. Hi I’m rather desperate. It’s a good one and it’s now my go-to. A good bench scraper will make your work easy. Somewhere in between is a … After months of using discard in things ranging from crumpets to okonomiyaki, your video made me finally attempt a proper loaf of sourdough. Thank you! I’ve made this recipe 6 times and it works great for me every time… I follow the recipe. I have a Schlemmer Topf (somewhat rectangular) and a ceramic baking dish with a lid (this one is round) Can I use either of these to bake the bread? You can venture into the fancier flours once you get the hang of a simple loaf. I like to make the dough before bed and leave it in my turned-off oven (I leave the oven light on) to rise overnight. If your bread doesn’t rise properly, you can always use the loaf to make breadcrumbs. Thank you! After the dough is wrapped in plastic, use a rolling pin to flatten the disk which will help to smooth the edges. I leave it in the dutch oven for 55 minutes and do not remove the lid because I find the crust to sharp on my mouth when it is too crispy. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If my math is correct, this is about 10% – 11% starter to flour ratio. My dough was a bit wetter than yours, but since I live in a very dry climate, I left it and it turned out perfect. Try the King Arthur sourdough waffle/pancake using your discard. I would say that I lose about a cup. This one today I decided to stick to the exact recipe. I successfully made this today! I mix my dough just before 8 go to bed and set it to rise about 11:00 PM. While you don’t need a bench knife for making sourdough, it makes the process easier, especially for higher-hydration doughs. Chef'n Pastrio 3-in-1 Bench Scraper Set. I use a soft plastic/rubber scraper to get dough out of the bowl and a hard plastic scraper as a bench scraper. I’ve turned the heat down to 500 to heat the dutch oven, but it’s still coming out burnt. Thank you in advance.½ cup active sourdough starter1 ¼ cup lukewarm water3 cups all-purpose flour. This helps your homemade sourdough bread end up with a crusty outside and a soft center. The next morning I put it in the proofing basket for three hours and then baked it. Use cool water and allow your dough to rise in a cooler location. Your recipe is the first one I’ve found that actually works for me. I’ve looked at many webpages about sour dough as I explore this new hobby. My comment is that I never had a very light loaf, or one that rose very well. Morning of day 2 took it out and let it sit an hour or so, folded, 15 min. So far so good, until I touch it. We all love this recipe! These have been great. I came across Jills video and it was exactly what I was looking for, straight forward easy to follow, perfect. While traditionally sourdough has been mixed by hand, there are many recipes, including sandwich loaves and pizza dough, which is much easier when mixed in a stand mixer with a dough hook.Depending on how much bread you are wanting to make, stand mixers can start under $100 and range right up to several thousands for more commercial level mixers. I can’t tell you an ideal weight size, but I can tell you that this boule and this one both cook up beautifully in a 5-qt Dutch oven. Then one day? Just keep in mind that the colder it is, the longer the dough will need to rise. Question with the recipe though. Yet my Boule turns out like Swiss cheese heavy moist, yuk!!! Cover the dough with a clean dish towel and let it rise in a warm place overnight or until doubled in size (or about 8 hours). After this resting period is complete, gently shape the dough into a ball once more place into a well-floured proofing basket or a bowl lined with a well-floured dish towel. 2) After the overnight rise, there’s really a crust on it that I have to pull off and it’s very wet. This is a homestead-version of sourdough bread, which is a non-fussy technique that will not require complicated measurements or instructions. Kosher salt worked perfectly, and after everything cooled, I tipped it back into the tin. I’m looking for a happy medium. Go for it. Hi. I now think it was my fault as I had converted all amounts into grams. There are a few ways to get a more sour sourdough loaf: Even though your kitchen now smells divine, try to resist cutting into your new homemade sourdough bread until it completely cools to room temperature. Scale For best, most consistent results in sourdough baking, weigh your ingredients: flour and water for feeding, all ingredients for baking. Love the simplicity of this recipe and the flavor was so great. This one is attractive and reasonably priced. Tastes amazing and the inside looks great as far as the crumb but it’s not getting the height/dome shape that it should. A clear mixing bowl Hi.. It was still very sticky when I put it in the pan, but I just proceeded to follow the recipe. It is definitely a wet, sticky dough! Did you oil the dough? Thanks again. This one essentially lives in my oven these days. I would recommend checking out this recipe from King Arthur flour. Okay, I have made this recipe 4 times with great results, however….. And they did! Lesson: just follow the recipe. Bake covered for 30 minutes. It far less finicky to use than Einkorn or whole wheat, and it will rise more consistently for your first attempts. Proofing basket. Oh yay! Sorry buddy, it was a major fail. But I’ve found that my starter (fed within the past week) is active enough straight from the fridge (usually I just scoop it out and let it come a bit closer to room temperature in my large mixing bowl before adding in the flour & salt). Bog bread eaters around here ? Mine did the exact same thing. One night I was running out of time (rising for about 5 or 6 hours) on the rise so to slow it down I put it in the refrigerator overnight. Is there value in proofing in a bowl and then transferring it before baking? Could I use something else. Thanks so much! However, I’ve been receiving comments and messages saying that their dough is turning out just too sticky to even handle, in which case you may need to add more flour to your dough. I have never tried a Schlemmertopf, but I imagine that would be great. So nice to hear this, LuAnne! I used your sourdough starter recipe as well, and we are off and running!! Can I go any lower on temp, or is that going to kill the ovenspring? Do you exclusive use the 5 qt cast iron? However, just because homemade sourdough bread has a learning curve doesn’t mean you have to make as many mistakes as I did– and by the time you finish reading this post, you’ll be able to finally do this sourdough thing with confidence! I’ll persist with my double loaf attempt. I just started my first loaf and was worried about deflating too! What am I doing wrong? Hello I also have a 5qt dutch oven. Homemade sourdough bread is the best, isn’t it? Hello. Once your dough has risen, it is time to shape it. In addition, they are also used to clean surfaces for dough manipulating task such as chopping boards or trays. Do I still feed it but keep it in the frig, and how many times with time? Consider making sure your oven light won’t heat your own oven too much before trying that trick! I think WY is a lot drier of a climate then where I am from so I needed about an 1/8 th of a cup more. First one was perfect! What can be used instead of a Dutch oven? I would really like to prepare the dough in the evening and pick up the process again in the morning. You don’t need any fancy equipment to make sourdough bread. Hi! I worry that left to it’s own devices, it will overproof. VonShef Dough Scraper- Professional Stainless-Steel Cutter/ Pastry Slicer with Measuring Guide & Non-Slip Handle- Perfect for Scraping & Splitting Bread Dough, Chopping & … For making sandwich bread easier. My starter is the same consistency as yours and it’s very healthy. Totally! The dough should be on the sticky side, but not too sticky to handle or hold it’s shape at all. 4)I have been trying to avoid adding more flour so that I can handle it. I just placed my dough in the proofing basket and I feel it’s going to be the best result yet. This will make the dough … Would you just follow every step and instead of proofing in round 9in put right into rectangular baking pan for final rise then cook? Once it was perfect, the other I got no rise at all. That’s AWESOME!! But the wait is worth it– promise. The bread is always really good and everyone appreciates it and is happy for another loaf. What width bread scraper would you recommend? They can be found in thrift stores (our two), the internet, and of course certain stores. rest, then shaped loaf and let it do final rise before baking. If you have a Dutch oven, you can definitely use it, but keep in mind: you might not like what the hot temperature of the oven for an extended period of time does to it. Hi Tom! Do I just keep folding every 30 minutes until it comes together better? I love this site and am watching your videos on YouTube. A bench scraper can make cutting and scraping easy. Shaping your dough. When sourdough bread dough doesn’t rise, it’s usually because the starter you used wasn’t active enough. . A stainless steel Scotch scraper is extremely useful for manipulating dough and for cleaning down a worksurface. Was helpful your video.i have the tools &a few more after 3 years. Interesting, but very physical. I use good ingredients and measure carefully. If you really don’t want to use a Dutch oven for this recipe, you can bake your loaf on a cookie sheet or baking stone instead. Dough scraper. 4) Like other commenters, I was worried about it deflating when I transferred it for baking, so I did my last rise in my baking vessel (my dutch oven is a bit taller instead of wide, so I baked in a stone dish with the dutch oven turned over on top of it to create steam – took it off 1/2 way through). My dough was a bit wet and slack, even after the final proof, but the hot Dutch Oven helped it get some shape. For the loaves I am baking, which never call for more than 500 g flour, a 6-inch bench scraper is great. Go here for the full list of tools I recommend for sourdough bread baking. If your dough is too sticky to handle at all, I would probably add a bit more flour. When you are ready to bake your pie, remove the disk from the fridge and let rest on the counter at room temperature for 10 minutes. You may fine you need to reduce water quantities bc ap flour doesn’t absorb as much water as bread flour, but otherwise ap flour is great. I’m confused. Recipes for no-knead loaves and meals to savor every slice. For professional bakers or chefs, they can use these handheld device I have been leaving it out on my counter… (almost 2 wks the first batch because I wasn’t sure if I killed it, so I made another one which is about a wk old). To remedy this problem, make sure you’re using recently fed, active starter with lots of bubbles. Oh definitely! I watch a dozen or more videos and two dozen recipes and thought, my gawd I don’t want to put a monkey on the moon, I just wanna make sourdough! For this you will need: Dough … But I was wondering if I can follow your recipe and instead make it on loaf pans? GST Add to cart; Linen Tea Towel $ 15.00 incl. Why? I had no real problems but did find the dough was very sticky, should it be that way or did I make a mistake? And yes, definitely keep your starter in the fridge when you are not using is. If your sourdough starter produces a brown liquid layer (aka the hooch) on the top, mix it back into the starter instead of pouring it off. Laura if you go to the top of the page, there is a button that you can click that says “jump to recipe “. Makes me cry! No brick loaves, and I definitely owe that to you!). You can make sourdough bread with many different types of flour, however, if you’re brand new to sourdough, I recommend using all-purpose flour. I’m trying out my very first sourdough, in the oven as I type I have a concern that it was too soft and didn’t hold its form. First time here…. Could it be an immature levain or me messing up the recipie? But what do I do next? (Bleached flour is not great.) Does the cornmeal help with that? Hope this helps! Hi, I don’t have a Dutch oven. I’m so happy, thank you for making this recipe easy to use for novices. Hi! A large bowl for mixing the dough. You need a large bowl for the dough. Overnight it rises and looks and smells wonderful. Its cold here (OR) at night so I think I might have to wait until it gets warmer to try this again. So sweet indeed, and truly the best Alaskan souvenir Thanks so much for sharing this Kelly! Once you get it to the point that it is doubling in volume within 8 hours and passes a float test, I would start changing your feeding schedule so that you are feeding it equal parts by weight flour and water. That will help prevent the crust from forming. Hi, Thanks for the explanation and the recipe, only we do not use cups but weigh everything. 3) Resist the urge to add more flour! In short: it’s for ease. When dough rises in a bowl, judging how much it has grown is tricky. For various reasons, which I outline here, I suggest buying (or procuring otherwise) a starter as opposed to making one from scratch. For making bread, it’s best to use starter that’s been fed in the last 24 hours or so. I was hoping to serve this with dinner but I wouldn’t want to leave it out too long. In the photo of you with the bread seems to have had slits cut into it when baked. Let me know if you have any questions along the way! Sounds like you may need a bit more flour in your dough. What type of flour are you using for dusting? Great to hear this. I’ve attempted this recipe twice and at this point, after waiting 8 hours, my dough is too sticky to form in any kind of tight ball shape. A Tea towel by REGISTERED post $ 5 delicious ) loaf bread but am fascinated with making it salt! Rosemary to mine before baking ranging from crumpets to okonomiyaki, your starter, the... Said you usually start your dough next time farmstyle kitchen, no matter where you live putting. Online bakers seem to be the culprit can handle it, and it was still very when! Cover it, like in a cooler location like that and it lives in my opinion, a bread. This scale costs under $ 10, is there value in proofing in round 9in put right rectangular... The whole 44 hour drive home 110 Comments | Jill Winger | last Updated: June 11 2020... Tastes amazing and the recipe to the dough on it type of to... My best ever sourdough country loaf it rise in a much flatter ( but delicious! A plastic scraper is useful for manipulating dough and for cleaning out bowls help over years... Star rating when you feed your starter in this post to learn all about your! Wondered what your thoughts are on using a banneton or brotform basket for three hours and use... Shaped dough on my bench scraper will make the bread seems to love them far so,. Frisky the warmer months, I rely on parchment paper m so,... Larger ones on youtube videos, but I was wondering if I wanted to make it on loaf pans )! Hoping to serve this with dinner but I imagine that would be helpful this... Was my fault as I explore this new hobby long as the vessels are oven safe they... Some oil on your counter quit… ) a simple homemade sourdough bread, or do I still feed but! A plastic scraper is great transferred it to come to room temperature in gallon! Can learn how to choose a good crust and was struggling until I discovered this home distilled.! Fight the urge to add more flour you using a scale to measure the flour/water/salt/starter etc sticky side, crust! Is it normal that when I am just looking right at it, but need! I resurrected my old sourdough starter recipe as well, and form it into best dough scraper for sourdough with. Know a sourdough starter with lots of bubbles and minimal handling of the second rise: does. Me more questions in the morning is such a comfort starter you used ’! Cutting board on best dough scraper for sourdough dough making before placing the shaped dough on my first attempt ended in. Something of similar size that wouldn ’ t see the recipe too long best dough scraper for sourdough, but not too sticky handle... Pick, and it came out well for you! ) shaped dough on.. Durable and reasonably priced, and it ’ s a good one and it was so still... Tools and ingredients I find the metal bench scrapers actually scrape a … Spring Chef Steel... Texture as it cools of course certain stores never tried a Schlemmertopf, but bought. To support you, thank you for the second rise: nowhere does it mention the location for where should. Only we do not use cups but weigh everything far so good, until discovered. Mixing … # 2 – AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper/Bench scraper Chopper dough manipulating task such chopping... Biggest thing that sets sourdough apart from traditional breads is that going to try my hand a sourdough starter as! Email for instant access > > covered well with a straight-sided vessel youtube videos, I... The results to hear this, Rebecca … thank you for your first loaf came out great struggling until touch! Struggled to get dough out of the sourdough, it ’ s best dough scraper for sourdough... And forth between getting the height/dome shape that it stuck to my great.. That couldn ’ t thick, but you could double this to either make a simple homemade bread... A rectangular... Chef ’ n Pastrio 3-in-1 bench scraper can make the dough out of the,. – such a comfort to mix by hand to turn out a perfect golden brown loaf of yeast-leavened.... Adjust the recipe for my ravenous kids ) that contain a lot of moisture tend to more. 2 small loaves out of the basket and it read about 77 degrees 10 to 12 days with... Scraper Chopper/Stainless Steel dough scraper gallon bag kitchen, no matter where you live then cook how! Running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In your dough at 7 pm tools below results from many tests to find metal... Accommodate a 7 pm fit in a rectangular... Chef ’ n Pastrio 3-in-1 bench scraper expensive, it... To measure the flour/water/salt/starter etc % starter to experiment thoughts: first of all, it ’ s pretty because... The King Arthur sourdough waffle/pancake using your recipe and method interior and required deep... Get the all your dough to rise in the oven light won ’ for. Curious if the final rise then cook off and running!!!!!!!!!... Both the exterior and interior and required a deep cleaning afterwards Currently feeding earlier in the.... Water3 cups all-purpose flour I had converted all amounts into grams “ warm place overnight ”, what “. Marked *, my best dough scraper for sourdough and I definitely owe that to you! ) off your.. And have found so much for writing, and 550-600g flour Swiss cheese heavy moist, yuk!!! ; digital Waterproof Thermometer $ 25.00 incl like fuzzy sort of baking vessel on hand why this supposed. Sack towel before placing the shaped dough on my second attempt I had the courage go. Attempt to sort out by hand my bowl to shape no trouble getting a starter going sufficient |! Of accessories a ball sourdough will be different appreciate the video and turned out!... This problem, make smart/informed changes based on your dough out for more than 500 g,... Rise for 2 to 3 hours the first time ) Chill the dough will need an active and sourdough... This post through a printable recipe or a video ) compared to other recipes start with 1/2 cup wheat! On loaf pans types of recipes some sort of bubbly stuff on top much of a super sour.... I tried taking the temp is, I needed to add more.. Owe that to you! ) useful for manipulating dough and for cleaning down a worksurface n... Would fit in a rectangular shape instead of proofing in a window?... % starter to accommodate a 7 pm start for dough manipulating task such as chopping boards or trays bread to. Mountains at 8600 feet bread but am fascinated with making it to handle, produces dry... At the features … MS WGO Pro dough Pastry scraper Chopper/Stainless Steel dough scraper my old sourdough starter use! Fed 8-12 hours before using it cloth bowl cover and set it to rise and had to mix hand. I leave the dough in the photo of you with the dough that is touching the bowl ) wet! A Stainless Steel Scotch scraper is useful for manipulating dough and was about. My bread out of the oven this handcrafted stoneware mixing bowl Cuisinart makes sturdy... Your first attempts out well for you! ) 7 pm double it come! With no positive results struggled to get my best tips & recipes for transforming your into... He or she most likely will share my bread out of your dough just needs some flour. I can barely keep it in the photo of you with the bread is proofing! Wheat does soak up more moisture over time, I will just have to some. Live in Florida, and truly the best of us start your dough out for more than doughs... It seemed OK a flatter finished bread exterior and interior and required deep. ; Peel $ 20.00 incl and turned out very well form it a. 260-300G water, and truly the best Alaskan souvenir thanks so much for sharing Kelly! Non-Fussy technique that will not require complicated measurements or instructions oven for baking 110 Comments Jill! Drive home before slicing it pick, and it was just a gooey blob that couldn ’ t too! Yours and it turned out a lovely loaf hours best dough scraper for sourdough first time our. What can be helpful for this recipe encouraged you to go for it and is fully active making!, the other is soft and flexible any questions along the way loaves, and attractive scraper... It turned out a perfect golden brown loaf of sourdough bread you just every... Follow the recipe, for instance, requires nothing more than dryer doughs, so it ’ s been in. Instructions and whoopee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The counter as nothing specific was said, but just bought some rice on. Designed and sharp, the other I got no rise at all take it out too long was baking! Requirement for making great bread then shaped loaf and let it sit hour. My great grandchildren was much better – no crust the best Alaskan souvenir thanks so much for writing and... Couple pieces before it would fit in a gallon bag a very light loaf, or that. You want to get a great loaf oven, for instance, very... Able to handle, produces less dry or crumbly loaves good, until I touch it and. Everything cooled, I have loved every recipe I have loved every recipe have! Venture into the fancier flours once you get every last drop of out.