Strada Durisi, 15
Marango, Caorle
30021 Venezia, Italy

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during your holiday in the Maranghetto farmhouse you can..
relax, enjoy the peaceful garden, pick up some fruits from the trees or have a small walk in the kitchen garden to see what to choose for your cooking or you leave yourself lost in the mais labyrinth, we hope to be able to do it this year!
or you can go to the beaches in Caorle or Vallevecchia Brussa, have a walk there, look for beautiful shells, any time of the year, together with your dog or dogs or riding a bike (30-40-70 Km) in the sorroundings of Caorle, along the Lemene and Livenza rivers, visit the Roman museum in Concordia or the ancient Palazzi in Portogruaro

Relax  in the luxuriant garden.
We will be welcoming you into our home, to make you feel at home

A typical day of a kid in Maranghetto:

To wake up and immediacy to run out in the garden to play barefoot. To play and play together with other small new friends

To discover the sea and the beautiful calm waves of Caorle’s seaside

To explore Vallevecchia’s natural reserve and its rich forest

To eat, as we say in Italy, “two noodles” with freshly caught fishes or an amazing pizza and…never forget your ice-cream as dessert

Short day trip fantasizing to be a Roman soldier or a pirate fisherman in the Caorle’s lagoon. Or maybe just a farmer with a big, big tractor or maybe just and stealthy explorer of the garden’s secrets


Great  tiny  adventures

Green of  countryside
The pure colour of a clear sky and sea

The Eastern side of the Veneto region is abundant of agricultural products, history and art, all to be tasted and enjoyed with the all five senses

All to be discovered by bike, walking, by boat and by train… and why not just sit in the garden relaxing with a glass of wine while listening to singing birds in the wind ?


All of our guests are welcome to enter the vegetable garden and help themselves to the delicious, seasonal, organically grown produce.

In 2011 we created a maze in a field of corn opposite the house. Maranghetto’s guests are welcome to try this new experience…as long as we manage to get it ready in time this year!

The sea is part of Maranghetto’s identity and the beaches of Caorle are suitable for families and children

You can choose from the beach at Caorle, which is 7 km from us, (suitable for families and children, ideal for long walks in every season and for lovers of kite surfing), or the beach at Vallevecchia Brussa, which is 17 km from us and where you can immerse yourself in a fascinating natural oasis.

Don’t forget your beach umbrella!

Would you like to spend a holiday here with us?

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